Planned kitchens: 87 Photos and Ideas for Special Copy!

26 October 2017

Planned kitchens: 87 Photos and Ideas for Special Copy!

You're the type who loves getting researching master-planned kitchens and feel a strong desire to give that UP in your kitchen? Check out a selection of models of planned kitchens wonderful and super stylish! Surely you will love the outfits and will want to do there in your house too!

When you think of a wonderful home as the film starts imagining that space? But know that many people begin the kitchen. Ample space to prepare meals and to serve them. The whole family together and smiling, as in a commercial.

Dream is a dream! Today this post is to leave closer to that place you imagined you. How to find, choose and order a kitchen planned according to what you envision.

Planned kitchens

Planned kitchens

Unlike other times where it was only possible for Class A (only in movie itself), today the number of options puts us very much in doubt when choosing a planned kitchen because it has to suit every budget and classes.

Everything will vary depending on the brand, quality materials, kitchen style and speed of work. But how to choose the best fitted kitchen for your home? What have you thought about it? Whether modern, cozy, vintage? Today the issue here is the very chic kitchen, come with me!

Planned kitchens

Why Buy Cuisines Planned?

Because they are modern, functional and have furniture that adapt to the room size. Your kitchen is exactly as you want and fitting within the space of your home. In other words, it uses a furniture that standardizes the room and fits the needs of those who live in the house.


Mounting a kitchen with customized furniture offers many advantages Among the most important of which we can highlight the use of space without compromising circulation. Nothing to hide in the closet and banks go catch every meal.

You can also customize more easily, by selecting the materials of the structure, color, coating and the types of hardware. Make combinations of these items that are not in any showcase store.

Because this type of kitchen has a functional structure is necessary to consider the limitations of the residence and the habits of the residents.

Thinking about it will be possible to arrange the furniture and household appliances in the room. You have many household items? In this case you need to install a cabinet with more doors. If it is common to make light snacks during the day, so the bench can not miss. There is an area for storing utensils, preparing food and washing dishes. The positions and heights of the pieces are always tailored to your needs.

planned kitchens (85)

Spaces Cuisines Planned

What is the space you have in your house? Ignore the finished kitchen pieces you already have. The planned kitchen will not enjoy any of it.


Kitchens designed for environments Straits

Your kitchen is long and narrow? So the most appropriate is to install a planned linear furniture, that is, with all its components aligned on the same side. If space is available in the room, the project can work with two parallel walls, including the sink, countertop and the stove in front of the refrigerator.


Kitchens Planned Environments U

It is shaped like a U? Then you can create a functional triangle through the provision of customized furniture. The sink should be perpendicular to the wall stove and refrigerator can be installed on the opposite wall of the stove.


Kitchens Planned Environments L

In your home space is L? Good, this space is considered extremely practical and allows enjoy the space as best as possible. In this case the refrigerator is allowed to place in a corner, but the sink and the stove are positioned at the opposite end. A breakfast counter can also be incorporated into the room, completing the "L". Will be perfect!


Great kitchens Planned

Who has an absurdly huge kitchen or even thought about using another room of the house as the kitchen, you have more options. Then it is possible to include more components of the furniture, in addition to already mentioned. The center island with cooktop and hood, for example, is a great option to take advantage of the available area in the center of the environment. Is a luxury! This same structure may have a sink and a breakfast counter, this model is common in modern homes as well.

The kitchen with island is perfect for family integration and this can be valued at the time of design choice, after all, everyone can be talking on the table as the meal is prepared.


Planned kitchens: Where to Start?

Choose the brand of planned kitchens that more has to do with their financial possibilities and your taste. Make an appointment and bring the sole of your property. The architect who will you meet will indicate the appropriate project from where the pipelines, and the film making and layout of the space. He is who is going to suggest one of the models that we mentioned above.


Colors for Cuisines Planned

Think already in your kitchen with monochrome pieces and highlighting light, neutral shades, such as white. This care promises to cause the feeling of spaciousness in the environment. But nothing prevents you enjoy in a red kitchen, blue, wine or even black. I think cool!


Best Cuisines Planned Marks

Kitchens planned Todeschini

With stores throughout Brazil, the brand develops its own projects, but also works collaboratively with its customers to plan wonderful kitchens. You must have a store in your city

They bet on a contemporary design, usually with straight, clean lines. There is concern in working with quality materials and value the main decoration trends. Whoever modernity can now schedule an appointment there.


Kitchens planned Dell Anno

This is a traditional customized furniture brand and it is common to think of her home. Dell Anno also has a complete line for kitchens.


Kitchens planned Itatiaia

His simple and functional kitchens. The furnishings are not as sophisticated as the others mentioned here in this post, but you can get good results by a much lower cost. If your budget is low in Itatiaia think like a good option.

planned kitchens (72)

Kitchens planned Italínea

This brand plans beautiful and sophisticated kitchens. Know and be enchanted by the models of Italínea.

planned kitchens (75)

Favorite Cuisines planned

With many lines to provide customers the Favorite is one of the largest and most modern furniture brands planned in Latin America. The kitchens are manufactured with high quality materials and follow all that is fashionable. It is one of my favorite as the name says.


Kitchens planned Criare

Another modern furniture option is Criare.

planned kitchens (82)

Prices of planned kitchens

A planned kitchen complete with furniture, appliances, plumbing and electrical systems, the cost of R $ 7,000 to R $ 80,000. Between planning, labor and everything involving your kitchen all ready.

If you have home know that worth the investment. Tailor your chances, Parcel, plan. It is noteworthy that there are ranges of values ​​for classes A, B and C. Please contact a specialized company and ask for a quote.

planned kitchens (84)

Types of planned kitchens

Using modular furniture: when the brand (one of those above) provides mobile dimensions that it works and these dimensions are suitable to environmental measures. It uses parts that already have and will suiting

Using bespoke furniture: when, as the name suggests, the furniture is manufactured according to specific measures of your project. This type is more expensive.


Tips planned kitchens

The kitchen furniture planned normally consists of cabinets, countertops, drawers with dividers and shelves. To mount a good design have here some tips of architects working with kitchens: You must pay attention to the material used, always requires MDF.

  • If the kitchen has little space, try cabinets with sliding doors and make sure that the circulation in the room is favorable.
  • Install kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, because then you can take advantage of vertical space as best as possible and avoid the accumulation of dirt.


  • You have to see if the finish is well done, no clipping and rivets.
  • It is worth paying attention to the mounting time and in the kitchen organization and always adhere to the design and structural conditions that the space will receive the kitchen offers.

planned kitchens (76)

  • We must always respect the beams, pillars, hydraulic lines and electrical points in planning any environment.
  • If the kitchen has little space, try cabinets with sliding doors and make sure that the circulation in the room is favorable.
  • Install kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, because then you can take advantage of vertical space as best as possible and avoid the accumulation of dirt.
  • If the project wants to make the most functional kitchen, so it's worth installing electric drawers that open automatically and silently. The inside of each drawer can have an LED tape for easy lighting.


  • Consider the specifications of the project and make sure they are set out in the contract. You chose sheets of MDF or MDP? Which will measure each piece? What are the specifications of the hinges, the handles and many other accessories? All this must be set before finalizing the purchase.


Finishing planned for kitchens

planned kitchens (70)

Types and sink tops prices

If you understand some of that issue here is an item that can help you in time to understand the budget. The top of its planned kitchen can usually be done in stone or stainless steel. The stainless steel has a tendency to be much cheaper, but it is not widely used in planned kitchens because it is not aesthetically beautiful. A stainless steel top is around R $ 1,000.00. the stone depends on the stone. Below the average price per m2 by type of stone:

  • Marble - Price ranges from R $ 250.00 to 900.00 per m2,
  • Granite - Price ranges from R $ 250.00 to 550.00 per m2,
  • limestone - Price ranges from R $ 450.00 to 650.00 per m2
  • Silestone - Price ranges from R $ 800 to 1000.00 per m2
  • Quartz Stone - Price ranges from R $ 800.00 to 1000.00 per m2
  • Nanoglass - Price ranges from R $ 900.00 to 1500.00 per m2,
  • Marmoglass - Price ranges from R $ 700.00 to R $ 1,000.00 m2


Photos of planned kitchens

Want more inspiration to have to plan your kitchen? Here are many amazing kitchens to copy!


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planned kitchens (65)

planned kitchens (68)

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Did not find the model you were looking for? Who can help you exactly what you need is a good architect! See also kitchenettes options that we have shown here on the blog. Good luck in choosing!

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