Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos)

26 October 2017

Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos)

The dark brown hair with lights They are super high! Increasingly increases the female audience in salons in order to highlight the dark brown wires with very subtle lights. Some women prefer very thin and discreet lights, while other women prefer the lights are slightly more marked, highlighting some hair mechinhas.

Hair highlights

But one must be very careful not to make the effect of very artificial lights, after the idea is to make them even more beautiful hair, so avoid exaggerations and use common sense, okay? In the summer the lights can be a bit bolder, see Californian wicks (link) that are a great success among women, however, it is important to set the tone so that it is in harmony with the color of your hair and the most natural result possible.

Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos) Summer 2017

The lights are an excellent choice for those women who do not want to radically change the look, but want to take a look at UP. To choose the ideal tone of lights is necessary first to assess the tone of your skin. Not all lights tones will be good for fair-skinned women and not all shades will be well for darker-skinned women.

 Hair with lights

Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos) Summer 2017

Lights tones in Hair

How to know which ideal tone? Well, for women who have the most clarinha skin the ideal is to opt for lighter shades of brown, shades of gold and copper, while for dark-skinned women, the lights in warmer tones fall very well.

 Options lights tones in dark brown hair are many, including the red tones are a great option, especially in women with dark skin. But remember that lights are only reflections on the locks and not locks, so it must be very subtle and discreet to give that more natural appearance.

Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos) Summer 2017 hair-with-lights hair-with-lights Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos) Summer 2017 Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos) Summer 2017 Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos) Summer 2017 Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos) Summer 2017 Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos) Summer 2017 Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos) Summer 2017

Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos) Summer 2017

Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos) Summer 2017


Brown hair with lights

We know that to dye dark brown wires is not a simple task to change the tone of the wire is necessary to make a pickling which is nothing more than the whitening of yarn with a specific product for discoloration.

-Brown hair with-lights

To be a very aggressive chemical process, the hair need to make an even greater care after the lights as the wire tends to be far more parched. So a lot of moisture in them, okay?

Brunettes with lights

In general, the lights are very beautiful women with brown hair, be it lighter or darker skin. However, the choice of colors should be done carefully, as the skin tone makes all the difference when choosing the color of the lights. See some pictures of women with dark brown hair with lights:


Brown hair with honey Lights

Some women opt for lights in honey color, it is a super cute and discreet tone, not to mention that values ​​and brown wires, giving charm and beauty. Honey tone is a great choice for dark or light brown hair, both for light skin women or more Moreninhas.


Hair Dark Brown with blonde Lights

This procedure is for women of much EVEN personality. It's not as simple hit bright lights in dark hair, also should not be done at home because it is a more thorough procedure. To give a natural and beautiful to the wire end, it should seek the help of a hair professional. I selected some photos of dark hair with blond highlights so you have an idea of ​​the result. Let's check?

Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos)

Dark hair with Golden Lights and Champagne

The lights in gold and champagne tones are the most sought after by women, both for women who have darker wires even those with lighter locks. These lights are very beautiful when the result is super natural, they are very subtle and discreet, giving a special charm to the wires, valuing them.

Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos)

Hair Care with lights

Women who intend to do lights, also need to know that care must be redoubled! That's right! The wire hydration will need to become a habit, because the chemical procedure ends up assaulting the hair and desiccating it. To maintain the beauty of the wires some basic precautions are necessary, such as making the maintenance of lights at every 3 months to avoid appearing the root with a different tone lights.

When choosing products for your hair, choose those that protect hair color and prevent it fade easily. If you can, every month make a capillary cauterization with a hair professional.


How to make home Lights

Now we've seen a bit of lights, colors and skin tones, how about learning how to do lights at home? It's easy and can be fun!

Surfer type Lights - Step By Step

1 - The hairdresser starts descolorindo wires, leaving two fingers on each side of the root in natural color.
2 - After passing tint. Not always the right shade is achieved first. Then, you need to repeat step 1.
3 - To highlight a few strands, the professional can brush bleach in hair pieces.

Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos)

Easy, does not it?

Lights of the golden girls

1 - The professional divides the hair into two parts: one on top of the head. The other becomes a low bun
2 - Separates a few strands and pass the comb in the opposite direction and leaves only a few wires out
3 - After going through the blonde tones these loose threads, to get the right tone

Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos)

This procedure is also super easy and the result is amazing!

Luzes for solar brown

1 - The hair should be divided into four equal parts, forming a cross on top of the head.
2 - The second step is to take the inner layers separating these parts and some wires with the comb.
3 - After the professional discolor few wired two-tone starting with the nearest face.

Hair Dark Brown with lights (30 photos)

Tutorial | M woman to Hair Dark Brown with lights