Delayed menstruation (Teas down to menstruation!)

26 October 2017

Delayed menstruation (Teas down to menstruation!)

Is noted that with the delayed menstruation? Be aware that some teas to lower menstruation They are a good alternative for cases dysregulated or irregular cycle. Menstruation may delay of 3 to 5 days and it can not always be a sign of pregnancy. 

Who never got tense with missed period cast the first stone! Well, this is a common problem in women's lives and can be related there are several reasons, more than you think!

Whenever menstruation delay, it automatically leads us to a pregnancy, but this is not a rule, and in many cases there is no connection with it.

Many problems may be related to the delay of menstruation, but do not panic if the delay is a few days, after all, there is a tolerance for missed period that is considered normal.

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Delayed menstruation

Every month, the female body ovulates and is preparing for a pregnancy. When the uterus does not receive the embryo, its inner walls release a scaling, which is part of the reproductive cycle. Therefore, the menstrual blood is a result of the combination of blood and endometrium.


The reasons that cause the delay of menstruation They are many, but each case is a different case. Many influencing factors can cause the delay of menstruation, including stress, trauma, anxiety, tension, nervousness, psychological problems, etc.

Notice if something is bringing you concern, or if you walk quite stressed with proof of college, pressure at work, even the crazy diets often cause problems, these reasons are classic and usually have connection with the delay of menstruation.

Causes of Menstruation Delayed

In other cases, the menstrual delay may be related to cysts in the ovaries, also called polycystic ovary and so menstruation may take to come down in these cases is very important to follow a gynecologist. The menstrual delay can also be linked to the following factors:

  • Hormonal imbalances / Polycystic ovaries / Excess estrogen / Menopause
  • uterine dysfunction / Childbirth
  • Drugs / Chemotherapy
  • Caffeine / Alcohol / Smoking / Drugs
  • wrong diet / lack of vitamins / Weight Loss / Overweight
  • Excessive exercise

Delayed menstruation is a sign of pregnancy?

No, not always. In cases where the woman is not pregnant and yet still absent menstruation, it is good to be careful, especially if the weather extend reaching the 3 consecutive months without menstruating. It is likely in such cases, the absence of cycle regularity is displaying some sort of disease.


Menstrual delay

Another factor that should be taken into account is that if your period came for the first time recently, is quite common experience delays in the early years. After two years the reproductive system already has a more regular basis, so do not be surprised if the first few times that menstruating, do not have a straight-laced cycle.

Some women who have recently given birth, may also be carefree in the first month menstruation usually does not give signal. After the first month then things normalize and everything works as regularly as before. When there is constant menstrual delays is critical to request the help of a gynecologist to evaluate your case and make the diagnosis of menstrual delay.

Tips to lower menstruation

In some cases the delay menstruation can indeed be connected to a pregnancy, but in others it may be linked to numerous factors and not necessarily pregnancy in general hormonal issues. Do not use medicines without consulting your doctor, it can be very dangerous. But on the other hand, it use and abuse of chazinhos recipes from Grandma, they tend to work and do not offer health risks.

Tea to lower the delayed menstruation

Ok, that miracles do not exist we know, but there are secrets that can act as if miracles exist! Many people believe that the use of medicinal herbs help down menstruation, especially teas bitter leaves.

There are also some pharmaceuticals that help regulate menstruation, with the regular order of the ciclo.Já heard of cinnamon chazinho to descend menstruation? Well, it actually works and makes the late period down by magic! Write down the recipe and always have this trump card when menstruation delay!


Cinnamon tea for delayed menstruation

The cinnamon tea has been consumed for many women to accelerate menstruation. The spice used to prepare the beverage contains properties that stimulate blood circulation and also contribute to the contraction of the uterus.

Several factors can cause menstruation is delayed and not always the case of a pregnancy. The woman may have hormonal problems, stress, anxiety, eating disorder or some other health problem. To resolve the issue and normalize the menstrual cycle, she can bet on cinnamon consumption. The cinnamon warms the body and accelerates the circulation, so it is often used to increase menstrual flow. Although stimulate menstruation, the drink is not considered abortion. However, the woman who is suspicious of a pregnancy should perform the pharmacy test before taking the tea, otherwise, the fetus may be harmed.


How to Make Cinnamon tea:

  •  1 cup of water
  • 5 cinnamon sticks

Method of preparation:

  • Add the cinnamon stick in a cup of boiling water.
  • Smother with a lid and allow to warm.
  • When the drink is morninha just sweeten it and consume it.


  • To intensify cinnamon tea estates, it is worth adding grated ginger in preparation.
  • Besides tea, cinnamon can be consumed in other ways. There is the possibility to add spice in milk, cake, the cake, the porridge in hot chocolate or some other sweet.
  • Cinnamon is a component that is very good for health. It assists the treatment of colds and flu, combat hypertension, reduces the feeling of fatigue, combat depression, and improves cholesterol treat stomach ulcers.

These chazinhos help enough, see more revenue showers to come down menstruation.

Late Menstrual Cycle

Some girls have enough regular menstrual cycle, usually the cycle is usually 28 to 28 days, but in some cases the cycle can vary from 30 to 30, 35 to 35, it all depends on each person, which can be normal and for some regular, it can be considered for other irregular menstrual cycle. A few days delay in menstruation is normal, there is no reason to panic. The proof is that a woman who has regular super cycle, if you have a late period for about 10 days, it is still considered normal, with no evidence of any health problems.

Tips for delayed menstruation down

  • Infusions of other plants help regulate the menstrual cycle, such as mugwort, rue basil, saffron, of camomile, parsley and pennyroyal.
  • An interesting method to accelerate menstruation is taking high doses of vitamin C.
  • The woman must apply hot compress the abdomen.
  • It is interesting to include stalks and celery leaves in food.

You got questions? See this post that shows 15 most common causes of menstrual delay.