Play Christmas Creative (Best !!!)

26 October 2017

Play Christmas Creative (Best !!!)

In a little Christmas is already here, and besides spend special moments and delicious alongside our family and friends, we can have fun with Christmas play! 'Let's combine' it is not only the Secret Friend that can be done at the end of the year, is not it girls? We chose some pretty fun options to liven up your Christmas little party with friends and family. To whom it may concern (and yet you have time!), We have shown here on the blog and other legal ways to add value to your holiday party guests, it is worth click here and taking a look.

creative play Christmas

play options is not lacking! And to give that animated in his home celebration in family, very Chic prepared some cool suggestions for games that will engage children and adults! Check it!

Guess who is? (With spoons)

The rule is simple: just blindfolding one of the players, while the other is in front of him. Who is blindfolded can only touch the friend spoons to guess who the person is. If he does not hit first, the friend must imitate the laughter of Santa Claus, saying "Ho, Ho, Ho!". If the player hits, the friend who was in front of you is blindfolded and play resumes. If it wrong again, will continue playing the other party with the spoon to get it right!


Bladder Class / Balloon Awarded

In this game, you need to spread balloons around the house or environment chosen and put into the bladders papers with the names of people who will participate in the play. Then, each strip a balloon bursts and finds the name of another guest. The intention is to invent several activities for everyone. Example: a person can tell another because like her, an unusual story that both lived together, and so on. What counts is good humor and creativity!

Another option is for families who do not have much money and can only buy a gift at the end of the year. You can put sentences on several balloons like, "It was not this time" or "Try again", or "This is not your", or "Pay a doctor." If only the bladder award must have gift. All balloons must have the same colors for anyone to know where he is!


Wrap your gift in a funny way!

Take this one and pass several layers of paper on it. In each package, put labels with the words: "for the funniest family" or "most greedy". The idea is that this go through several people before reaching the owner!


Play with the kids!

Include children in all games makes much of the adults have fun and relax more! But if you have that uncle or grandfather who prefer something more serious, for example, you can entertain the little singing songs, doing mime or wheel play. One is to make a circle and put a box full of papers with tasks. Then pass the case for all children until the music stops or a whistle touch. Anyone with cash in hand, removes one of the roles and plays with the chosen task!

Christmas play for the family

Separate multiple shoe boxes and wrap them. Within each box, type a question, for example, "Who is the most family glutton" or else "who is the best cook", "Who is the most annoying" and so on ... Release the imagination at this time. During the party, someone is responsible for passing the boxes for all guests respond by writing on a blank paper, who is the person most identified with specific quality / defect. The boxes must pass all people, so that everyone vote. After all vote, someone must open the boxes and count the votes. This is fun time at the right, yields good laugh!

Christmas Play with music

The organizer will form two or three groups and then to reveal a word. The teams have to sing a song the record to such word. It's pretty fun! The winning team, who knows more songs, it may take a little gift of $ 1.99. After the game, everyone can have fun singing Christmas songs.

Certainly, all of the above will make what Christmas more fun and lively, girls! What games did you like most? Do not forget to comment! Happy Holidays and a great New Year!