Demillus Order by Internet: Here’s how HERE!

26 October 2017

Demillus Order by Internet: Here's how HERE!

Demillus make requests via the Internet It is one way to facilitate the day to day reseller, in this post we will show how to make your order online practical and very simple.

When it comes to lingerie Brazilian women are the biggest entendedoras the matter, after all, here in Brazil the women's body is well distributed both at the top as at the bottom also the Brazilian woman learned over the time to demand ever more quality of products, mainly of lingerie.


vision companies began to adapt and to produce products with quality and that fit perfectly to the body of the Brazilian woman and DeMillus is one such vision companies, after all, it is no wonder that this is one of the references when it comes in intimate fashion and has several authorized stores that resell on the web too.

Orders Demillus the Internet

To make your requests Demillus the Internet is necessary to access the site of Demillus and have an e-mail and password registered to place your order online.

1) Go to the page address of DeMillus

2) Click "My Order".

Demillus Online Orders

3) Sign a valid e-mail:



4) Your code Revendedor.5) CPF.6) valid email.


How to register my email in Demillus?

To register your email in Demillus, follow these instructions:

1) Enter the address of the page DeMillus:

2) Click "My Order".

3) Click "Password Registration".


4) Enter the code or CPF Reseller;

5) Enter a password;

6) Repeat the password to confirm;

7) Enter the date of birth with day and month format (dd / mm);

8) Enter your e-mail address registered at De Millus;

9) Click "OK".


How to pass the requests of Demillus?

1) Go to the page address of DeMillus

2) Click "My Order".

3) Click the "Make Your Order" button.


The products of DeMillus They can be purchased at stores specializing in lingerie but the flagship of the company are its dealers, spread throughout Brazil these dealers create a bond with the customer further strengthening the relationship between the company and the final consumer.

dealers Demillus

Resellers are so important to the company that the online system was created to expedite orders, is the DeMillus system online applications over the Internet, this system facilitates the work of the dealership, as this only needs to access the site to register a new application. The only thing required to register the application online is a valid registration and a password previously registered in the system, as shown above. You want to become a reseller? Register here.

If you are DeMillus dealership and does not have the registration, follow the instructions that have been given above and sign up. Once the registration is done you can start to register their applications normally through the site.