Play for Gymkhana School, Youth and Adults

26 October 2017

Play for Gymkhana School, Youth and Adults

See the coolest ideas gymkhana games for children and adults!

I have participated in many competitions in my life that would not know count them now. I will always have pleasant memories of those moments among friends at various stages of life. The war cries of the teams - link, link, link, I am yellow! - and the joy of fulfilling a task in front of opponents. Scavenger hunts are nothing more than fun tasks or evidence that two or more groups try to make and keep. Everyone, regardless of age, love to play and it is through play that we can learn more about ourselves. So the idea of ​​holding a very lively contest, involving and include not only the family but also friends and family, it is very successful among younger kids not only for the simple pleasure of playing as well as the search for the prize, stipulated to reward the effort .

The competitions are great opportunities to have fun and create a moment of interaction among participants. Usually the scavenger games are made for children, but now many companies and parties are proposing activities for adults looking to unwind. In these participants can test their knowledge, learn about each other and teamwork. The most important is the group socialization (either adults or children) and mutual respect.

Play for adult scavenger hunt

Some games are already well known by the participants, especially those who have played as kids. Others are great for adults and become a little more complicated for some younger children.

Play for Gymkhana School, Youth and Adults

Musical chairs

This is an old acquaintance and our success has been doing for its dynamism over time. To start only form a wheel chairs and other people. The number of seats should always be one less than the number of participants. Place a lively music for people to walk around the chairs wheel. Stop the music when this occurs everyone should run to sit on any chair. The person is left out. The game should proceed with a chair in hand and so on to remain one chair for 2 players. This latter situation comes out the winner.


A bladder is hung at the top and the representatives of the teams, then blindfolded and shot, should prick it with a stick, being guided by the respective teams.

Blind bowling

They play one participant from each team. It is a common bowling, but participants play blindfolded. The objective of the game is to knock down the last pin, no matter how many releases were, as when one errs, it is the turn of another. Whoever wins.

Ping - lung

This game can be done with teams or individually. Remove the Ping-Pong table of the network and place a dot in the middle. A representative of each team chooses one side of the table. With hands turned back, players must blow the ball and make it reach the next opponent. Win the player or the team that can make the ball fall into the opponent's side more often.

Melt the ice

Form teams. Before the game one must fill the ice molds and place a piece of plastic object within each small square. Each team during the competition will receive an ice cube in a plastic cup. Do not touch the ice with your hands or other objects and do not remove the ice glass. The player must heat up the glass with your hand or other body part, that achieve melt it first and deliver little piece wins.


That's a joke to be made in pairs. The race is round trip for each pair. A player must walk crouched with hands on the floor, while the other rides on his back. On the way the pair will front and around back, unable to turn around.

crazy knot

Form a wheel. All players extend the arm forward. The monitor signal the wheel is closed and each person should hold the other two hands either. The goal is to undo the knot and hold hands in any way. It passed under the arms. The team that drop is disqualified. A to get wins.

Play for gymkhana young

Play for Gymkhana School, Youth and Adults

mixed shoes

Each participating group of contest or competition to choose the number of components that represent your group, depending on the size of the groups can be at least 10 components of each. Each group should be positioned at one end or frame and the shoes of the group components must be mixed at the other end from where the group is positioned. Given the signal, the components of each group (one at a time), must run to where are mixed the shoes of your group, take your shoes if wedge-go back to your group, touch the hand of the following component and head into the end of the queue. The group wedge achieve all first components to form the queue is the winner.

Racing Broom

Runs a representative of each team in this race one way. The goal is to balance a broom on the palm while running. If the broom fall before the finish line, running back to the beginning and start all over again. Wins who fulfill the first task properly.

Running arm

They run two representatives from each team. Will be made on the ground two risks, each the exact two meters of each participant. Participants rely on each other's shoulder, arms. The goal is to push the opponent and cause it to exceed its risk. Who get it first, wins the race.

Push to top

It is an arm race, the difference is that runs a pair of each team, and one of the pair will climb on top partner's neck and only assembled will push. Whoever the opponent double overcome the letter, wins.

Running of the seating

way race and back where participants run seated and can not use their hands to anything. On the way, going from the front, the back, come back, that is, can not turn. Who wins back first.


They play two teams. Each team should be in a broken rectangle on the floor. The goal is to make everyone stay in this room for 30 seconds. After that time, the team that managed should reduce the space of the other, which will have less room to put components. And so the game continues until the rectangle to be so small as to be impossible to keep people there, giving the victory to the other team.

Paper War

They play two teams in two different fields, separated by a space. Each team will have at its disposal dozens of balls of paper. They begin to play these paper balls in the opponent's court, which should do the same. The objective is to take out the paper balls of your field and throw the opponent. At the end of time, the master makes the count. The team that has less paper in your field is the winner.


They play two teams with equal number of participants. Each team will form a tunnel, where participants stand one behind the other with legs apart. It's kind of race. In the "I" of the master, the last of each row must pass under the tunnel and go forward. Then the latter does the same thing. That way, the tunnel people will distancing forward more and more. Win the tunnel to cross the finish line first.

Blind monkey

Two teams participate. Each team chooses its representative. The master is a large rectangle, and it draws several lines. The two players are blindfolded and the goal is to get out of the way and get to the end, without stepping on the lines. As they will be blindfolded, the team can help. Who set foot on the line back to the start and can take the sale on this while. Wins who go off course without stepping on the line.

2nd Floor

Double-grip handle. Each pair consists of an assembled and an assembler. The installer must assemble in the neck of the assembled catch and others which are also mounted. Only mounted can take. Anyone caught, caught.

Race unlike

Runners give 25 turns on a broom handle and run back to the finish line. First come first wins.


Two rivals vie to put the ball in the opponent's goal using a broom. Win those who make more goals.


Football common, except that all players will play blindfolded. Win the team that makes the most goals.

Foot with foot

round doubles race and back where one participant climbs the partner of the foot. On the way, which is trodden should run. In turn, it will jump (back). Wins first come first served.


Drawing up a number of holes (circles) over a large area. The number of holes should always be one less than the number of players. Well away from the ground where the holes are, the participants, all hand in hand on wheel, will be running at the sound of lively music. When the music stops, everyone should drop hands, run and sit in a ring. Who can not is eliminated and goes out a den. Wins who sit in the last play.

Toca Cooperative

The same rules of the "Play" common. The game's secret is not to eliminate any participant, only burrows, ie each round, you undo a den and yet everyone should get into a play, as they can: in his lap, lying on colleagues etc ... In this game there is no winners.

Relay Rodados

Same as relay Athletics, but before running you have to give 25 laps on a broomstick. There are 4 participants per team and win the team whose last participant arrived first. If you fall, get up and continue.


Two teams into two camps separated by a line. At the end of each field, a PET bottle is placed. One person from each team tries to throw the ball and knock down the bottle of the opponent. The team to take down the bottle should raise it again, but if protecting the other, which now has autonomy to balear. Whoever shot can not lift the bottle. If the team can rebuild the bottle before all being shot, she wins. But should all be shot and continue the bottle on the floor, the other team wins.

War Cassava

They play two people, each with its safe cassava in half. Each has his turn to hit with full force in cassava than the other safe. Wins who break the cassava's first opponent.

Throwing hula hoop

pitch type rings, but with hula hoop. A person will be the victim and will be 5 meters of the players. Makes 1 point who can fit the hoop in the first person. Wins who has the most points.

Human plug

Dynamic with 4 people sitting on benches. First, each participant sits in the back of the other. Once everyone is already "lying" retire banks. How to get out of the situation?


They play two representatives from each team. Each participant will have a club (any piece of long wood) and are entitled to one shot at a time. The participant who get put the ball in the hole first wins the match.

Obstacle race

They play two corridors, which should cover a distance and reach the end, facing obstacles (obstacles will be curved people). Who cross the finish line first wins.

Running broom

The Broom race is a fun event and in addition to requiring speed, also involves concentration. To take the test, will be needed brooms. Make one on the ground start line and an end point for the arrival. Each competitor must leave balancing a broom on the palm (should always be open) and head towards the finish. First come first wins the race. The broom can not fall and fall case, the participant must return to the starting line and start the test again. If more than one participant per team, you can make the proof is relay.

gymkhana games for children

Play for Gymkhana School, Youth and Adults

Dodging lasers

This activity I've posted before and did a few times at home. Always works and is very entertaining. Children love pretending to be secret agents, or explorers or heroes facing traps. In the picture the cat bed (this is the "scientific" name of the game) was made with string. But it is also possible to make crepe paper in a hallway. Depending on the complexity, starting in two years you can play.

Pass or It reviews

All play. However, in each round, one player from each team will participate. It would be interesting that the questions were related to a single topic at a time that this game is played. a question will be made (no alternative) to one of the participants. If they answer correctly, gives a tortada the rival face, or vice versa, if it wrong. If it do not, it passes. If the opponent does not know, he passes. If, even so, the first do not know, or get it wrong, your rival will give an tortada in his face. But if he hits, he gives the tortada. Win the team to hit more questions and, of course, receive less tortadas. OBS .: Making dozens of pies can be cheaper than it looks. Just sit back and think of cheap ingredients that can yield several pie dishes. Ex .: Lama.


It's a running back and forth, but the participants, rather than run, roll on the floor. Wins first come first served.

bursting Bladder

Everyone participates. Each player will have a bladder tied on her ankle. The goal is to pop the bladder opponents and protect your. Win the last to stay with intact bladder.


It is the group version of the "Race of the chairs." There will be two teams. The members of each team are sitting on chairs, one behind the other, forming a bus (the bus should be well separated from each other). In NOW, participants move the seats forward and begin to lay the bus to walk. The purpose of the bus will cross the finish line in full. The team that you do first, wins.

Long jump

They play two representatives from each team. A participant jumps and then your opponent. After that, the distance increases. If the participant is the first to jump at a distance and miss, must hope that the other also err as well get another chance. Wins who achieve leapfrog a distance that the other could not.

Play for school gymkhana step by step

Play for Gymkhana School, Youth and Adults

Play for Gymkhana School, Youth and Adults

Play for Gymkhana School, Youth and Adults

Play for Gymkhana School, Youth and Adults

Ideas play for evangelical gymkhana

Singing the Word

This joke is very successful also in evangelical competitions in all departments and for all groups. This game is very easy and fun. You will just need a pen and a piece of paper to each group.

The leader will speak a word and each group will list songs that have the word. The leader will set a time, which can be one, two or three minutes. It does not take more than that. The end of time, a representative from each group goes ahead with the paper. Who could list the highest number of songs that have the keyword wins the point. Not to create confusion, the leader must stipulate that the group should know at least a full version of the listed music. On paper, you must also have the name of the song or verse to be sung (with at least five words, for example). Stipulate a minimum of words to be sung and written prevents the person from start to improvise songs to earn more points, or that mimics the previous group.

Play for Gymkhana School, Youth and Adults

Question and answer

One of the easiest games to do is the famous game of questions and answers. In this case, the leader can address an issue that the group is studying, or doing more general, overarching questions. If the group is large, it may be good to do a mix of specific and general questions. That question's play may have different variables. The questions may have options or not; questions can be made to teams, or individually; They may have different kinds of difficulties. To fulfill the objective of this text, we will give a very clear example, with step by step, how could run a game of question and answer.

1. Separate teams. Can be boys against girls. Or, the youth leader chooses two captains so that they assemble their teams.

2. Ask the teams to choose a spokesperson, that will always display the official team response. The choice of a spokesperson is important not to create confusion like "but I said sure, his response was not worth".

3. The leader asks the captains take odd or even to see who gets to answer.

4. The leader asks the first question to the group 1. If the group can not answer 1, group 2 has a chance to answer the same question. If the group 2 did not respond. Neither group is points leader speaks the answer and makes the next question.

5. CAUTION !!! Do not be confused by directing questions. Let's assume that the group 1 did not answer the first question. The leader directed the question to the group 2 and this group hit. The next question should be made to the group 2, as the previous question was the question of group 1. One way to avoid confusion is to list all the questions. So, you know that the odd questions will always be first made to the group 1 the peer group 2.

sharp swords

In this game, the leader speaks a word and participants should look for this word in the Bible. The leader can define whether all members of the group can participate, and who find first raises his hand; or you can select only one representative from each team to compete against each other, one on one, who find first scores a point for his team. We believe that to maintain the most organized play, the ideal is to call a competitor from each group to duelarem each other. The leader can determine a time. If anyone find within this time, none of the teams score.

For this game, the leader must first list the words that teams will look. Alternatively, the leader can choose a particular book, making it easier to search. The leader may, for example, choose the book of Revelation and choose only words of this book so that the game is not too difficult.

This play can have numerous variations in evangelical competitions. The leader must take care, however with the words to be chosen, or the version of the Bible. If the game is with a group of young people and adolescents, choice words in a Bible in Live version or Today's English Version. Another tip is to see if the groups have a Bible in the version that you also used to select words. This prevents you to choose words that are not in another version.